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Concrete Wash & Seal

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If you have a concrete path or driveway on your property, you will benefit from investing in services from Tyler's Pressure Washing. Like the rest of your house, concrete requires occasional pressure cleaning and sealing services to keep it strong and looking its best.
Tyler's Pressure Washing concrete power washing process uses safe pressure to remove dirt and grime from your concrete. This can be followed by an application of our deep penetrating sealer to help prevent seasonal cracking and chipping for *an additional charge. Our team is ready to help clean and protect your concrete surfaces. Give us a call today.

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Safely Remove Dirt and Grime

Here at Tyler's Pressure Washing we use state-of-the-art equipment to extract built-up residue from the pores of your concrete surfaces. Our powerful tools and strong attention to detail ensure every last particle of debris is removed from your concrete surface before we seal it. You won’t believe the results!

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Why Get Your Concrete Surfaces Sealed?

When your concrete is unprotected, its pores soak up moisture. When winter weather hits, the moisture freezes, expanding within the concrete and causing cracks, holes and dents. The best way to prevent this occurrence is to take measures beforehand, like enlisting the help of professional concrete sealers.
Tyler's Pressure Washing's concrete wash and seal service is a preventive measure. After we clean your concrete’s surface, we’ll use a premium siloxane-silane mixture as a sealant. The sealant fills your concrete’s pores and stays there, preventing moisture from affecting the material. The sealing process can significantly extend the life of your concrete and keep it from chipping or pitting for years.

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